How to turn your family travel goals into a reality

How do you plan a family holiday?

Keep reading for our 6 step strategy to turn your family travel goals into a reality.

At this current time the world has almost come to a complete stand still – certainly from a travel perspective.

This has given all of us plenty of time to dream about where in the world we would like to go with our families once we can travel again.

Whether this is your dream family vacation or just planning where you’d like to visit next allow us to help you turn your family travel goal into a reality.


It can teach us so much, about ourselves and about the places we visit – how other people live, the differences in their culture and the environment.

Even if your travel goals are simply to explore another city in your home country or state, it is still travel and there is still a lot to be learned – especially for your children!

Regardless of how big or small your travel goals are, you have the ability to make them happen!

Don’t put it off, don’t think ‘it’s just a dream’.


Keep reading for our 6 step strategy for turning your travel goals into reality…

Globe - Choose where you want to go

1. Decide where you want to go.

Seems simple, right?

Well, sometimes people struggle to narrow down where they would like to go (trust me, we have this issue – we want to go EVERYWHERE – right now! Ha).

Think about whether you want to

  • Visit a city – if so, which one?
  • Go to a different country – which one?
  • Visit more than one place in one trip – Is this two separate cities? Two different countries? Which ones?

Next think about why you want to travel.

Do you want to experience another culture? Perhaps you want to see something in particular? Do you want to relax? Or go on an adventure?

Your answers to this will help you determine exactly where you should stay, what sort of accommodation you should book and the activities you should do when there.

If you really aren’t sure where to go try imagining what your ideal family vacation looks like in your mind.

Our current travel goal is to go to Tanzania and Zanzibar because we would love for our girls to experience the adventure of a safari and it would be amazing to follow it up with a relaxing few days in a tropical location.

You must first identify what your family travel goal actually is in order to make it happen by going through the next steps…

2. Choose when you would like to travel

This may be determined by your childrens school holidays or your work vacation allocation.

However if you have some flexibility you should first research the best time of year to travel to your chosen destination.

If cost is a factor then it may be worth researching when the off peak season is and what you could expect from the weather and availability of the facilities you may wish to make use of. For example: sometimes shops/restaurants/tours/excursions etc do not operate outside of the peak season.

Set yourself a deadline for picking a date and getting the time booked off work, if necessary.

When do you want to travel

3. Decide how long you would like to go for.

Decide how long you would like to go for.

For a city break you may wish to go for just a few days. For a trip further afield you will most likely need a week or two. If you’re planning to visit more than one country you may need longer than that.

In our current situation in 2020 I would not recommend booking anything just yet and would advise you to set your dates from mid-late 2021 to avoid having to rearrange everything.

This is much further ahead than we would usually plan a trip but in the light of recent events it would be wise!

We would ordinarily suggest not setting your dates too far in advance.

Once you have an idea of when you want to travel you can move on to the fun part…

4. Break down the trip into manageable sections

It may seem daunting to plan your trip from scratch, you may not know where to start so break the trip into sections and address one section at a time.

These are the main components of your trip. Flights and accommodation are a must, without them you cannot go (unless you are a seasoned traveller and prepared to take the risk of finding accommodation when you arrive of course, but most families prefer the security of knowing where they are staying)

    1. Flights
    2. Accommodation
    3. Insurance
    4. Activities/Tours and Experiences


Do some research on each of these sections, one at a time.

Flights – definitely look at this first. If cost is a factor for you prices can vary from day to day, so if you are flexible with your dates this can be a great way of keeping costs down.

Accommodation – once you know which days you would like to fly you can look at accommodation. Choose something that fits with your family and also your reasons for travelling. For example: If you want to go on a relaxing beach holiday to an all inclusive resort you probably won’t want to book a self catering apartment in a city.

Insurance – this is down to personal preference, some people choose not to take out insurance but we recommend it. You never know what may happen whilst you are away and it can greatly reduce stress/worry to know your family is covered.

Activities/Tours and Experiences – find out what there is to do in the area you have chosen to stay. If a particular activity is the reason for your trip you may want to look into this before booking your accommodation to ensure you are staying nearby.

Booking everything separately to tailor your trip to your personal family travel goals is how we prefer to go about it. However, this step could simply be letting your travel agent know where you’d like to go and when if you prefer to book everything as a package.

Even if you choose to book a package we would still recommend doing your own research, if only to be informed on how much things cost in the area you are travelling to and to get an idea of what is available there that your travel agent may not offer.

One last important step…

Set your family travel expectations

5. Set realistic family travel expectations

When you’ve booked your trip there is one more very important step to take.

Set realistic expectations for your family trip.

We all have kids, therefore we KNOW that travelling with them won’t always be smooth sailing.

Do not be disillusioned, there will be tough times.

Yes, they will probably bicker and yes, there is a chance that they won’t appreciate that really expensive private tour you booked just for them.

If you have a long flight make sure you are prepared! No matter what their age children will need something to keep them occupied whilst at the airport and in the air.

Be flexible and patient and know that you are making wonderful family memories with your children. They may not seem to appreciate it all at the time but they will definitely remember the good times for years to come.

Smile through the tough times and rejoice in the good times and you will have an amazing family trip.

6. Tell people about your forthcoming trip!

That is pretty much all you need to do to turn your family travel goals into a reality.

Broken down into simple steps it doesn’t seem quite so intimidating does it.

Now that you have planned and booked your perfect family get away let others know about it and get excited!!

Then you can start planning the next one…

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How to Turn Your Family Travel Goals Into A Reality

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