Lovely to meet you!

We are the Holmes family!

We are a family of 5 with a passion for exploring the world around us – whether that is at home or abroad.

We’re from the UK and currently live in the East Midlands having moved here from the South Coast.

We want our children to experience the world – to open their minds and to gain respect for other people/cultures and our beautiful planet.

As well as experiencing all of this for ourselves we want to help other families, like yours, to explore the world around you too.

Our aim is to share our experiences and provide tips, information and resources to help YOU get the most out of your travel experiences too!

Traveling sustainably is very important to us, we are constantly learning and growing in this area and we will share with you what we learn so that you can travel more sustainably as a family too.

Together we can help protect this beautiful planet.


Raising Holmes Family Values

The Adventurer. The Photographer. The One that works Hard.

Christian loves to take photographs of our family to capture all the moments we wish to remember forever and we hope that our photographs inspire you to get out there with your family to make some amazing memories.

Children grow so fast and as parents we don’t want to miss any of it! It is so important to capture those moments so that we can look back on them.

He has a fantastic eye for detail, which means we can give you the best tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your travel experiences.

Christian works very hard to enable us to travel and experience new things and we love him so much for it!


The Planner. The Dreamer. The Eternal Optimist.

Sharon loves to travel and to try new things. She is the driving force behind Raising Holmes and responsible for researching and booking our travel, accomodation and excursions.

She would love to encourage/inspire other families, like yours, to get out there and explore the world around them, to appreciate the true value of travel and the effect it can have on your life.

We all have a duty to reduce our impact on the planet and that sustainability is particularly important when traveling. We’ll be showing you the best ways that you can put this into practice.

Sharon is also the mastermind behind the Raising Earth membership – which helps you saves you money on sustainable, eco-friendly products and services and helps charities all over the world.


The Drama Queen. The Water Baby. The One that has a Super Brain.

She’s the big sister of the Holmes family – she is 10 years old

Saskia is also our water baby, she absolutely adores swimming and being in water.

She loves our family adventures and is always full of great ideas of what we can do. There are so many things she would like to learn/try such as skiing, kayaking, zorbing and scuba diving so watch this space for those!

If you check out our ‘About Us – IG Story Highlight’ you’ll see that all of Saskia’s dream destinations involve beautiful clear water!
Saskia’s ambition in life is to become a scientist and to be a part of the solution to the world ocean plastic problem.

The Cheeky Monkey. The Animal Lover. The Artist.

Malaya is 7 years old and she is the middle child of the Holmes family.
      Malaya says this is a very special position to be in because she is both a little sister and a big sister at the same time!       

She has an adventurous spirit and she is also unimaginably creative!

We are in awe of her ability to turn anything into a masterpiece.
Whether it’s random things she’s found around the house, natural objects she’s picked up on our walks or plastic she’s found on a beach, she can turn it into something beautiful.

Malaya’s creativity entertains us on long arduous journeys and also inspires many of the free resources for children we have produced for you.


The Chatterbox. The Bravest. The Determined One.

She’s the baby of our family – she is 4 years old.

Some might say she is very stubborn but we prefer to say determined!
Maybe that just comes with the territory of being a third child? Calista makes us laugh every day, she is such a joker.

There isn’t anything she won’t try, especially if she knows her older sisters can do it but also if they are too afraid to try.

In her mind the impossible is always possible.
This is a wonderful trait to have and we’ll show you her bravery and all of the new things she faces head on as we go off adventuring in different destinations!
Calista makes our family complete.
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